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As Ever

As Ever brings together selected poems by John D. Yates, a participant in Wexford County Council’s Arts Ability Creative Writing programme.


As Ever

by John D. Yates

Five Towers Art Group, K.T.A.C.


As Ever brings together selected poems by John D. Yates, a participant in Wexford County Council’s Arts Ability Creative Writing programme. Insightful, understated and full of gentle humour this collection celebrates nature, humanity and the power of the imagination. Bringing the reader on a journey from the West of Ireland to the streets of Enniscrothy, these poems are distinguished by their nuanced exploration of people and places ingrained on the author’s memory.

A Word from the Author

Across time I encountered good people kind people
Was nearly sunk more than once
But survived to surface
My poetry a companion
A chink of light
Its purpose to bring out the good
Its purpose in publication
To quiver a smile
Evolve a response
Be there

Selected poems

I look at an egg timer
I watch the grains of sand
Filter through the funnel
And heap down below
Then settle together

But I’m not cooking
I’m just watching
Not afraid of time’s elapse
Not afraid of doing nothing
As life flows by I’d love to feel it on my finger
But it’s enclosed in glass
It must feel like a breath

Of air soft gentle light
The sand the colour of an eggshell

Its purpose to measure time
A number of minutes
So the egg wont’ go hard
I used it to watch time
And now have no fear of it

Reduce me to me
The you’ll find you
Now we are three
Because there is us

I’ve waited I’ve tarried I’ve rested
And she was there
In my brain
In them all
A blessing on all my encounters
A good luck charm without token
than permeates time and distance
A veiled well-wished smiling
Encouraging each personal endeavour
Requiring neither thanks nor recognition
But I do thank, I do recognize
Not a Debt
A Gift

Fun is a multi-coloured diamond
You can breathe it
It tastes like good food
It’s fresh like the blush on a girl’s cheek
It rolls like a ball
Let the ball roll
Rock and Roll
Good times, good fun
It’s for everyone
It’s allowed
A rainbow smiled at me the other day
The smiles of women
The smiles of children
Are rainbows

Like a lichen on a tree
Or a sea anemone on a rock
I stick, I hold on, I live
I enjoy the basics

Proximity to loved ones
Communication with friends
Going places when still
Returning and repeating

From time to time a feast
Now and then a dance
Occasionally exuberance
More often just

Its sound and thrill
Her scent magic
I stick

Think of all the jumpers I had
Colours, multiple knits and patterns
Comfortable, warming, loving
They more than fulfilled a function
They moulded my torso
Gave a shape and feel to my character
On a Woman they would have said
Here’s a Softy
On me it was
This one’s pliable
Not sharp suited
Not dressed for the Golf Club
Not a Dandy
But colourful all the same
Colourful like a dog

If I get wed I’ll wear a Suit
I’d like to be buried in a Jumper